Build high-functioning teams that exceed expectations.

Our custom coaching solutions help teams overcome common workplace challenges.

  • Increase Productivity. Ensure every team member spends their time and energy on meetings, documents and processes that produce results.
  • Strengthen Trust. Eliminate the gossip and the power struggles that undermine team performance. Build a high-trust team that is not afraid to be creative and innovative. 
  • Boost Engagement. To support team success, each member needs to understand and care about the team mandate. They also need to understand the role they play in the team and find their work engaging.

We equip you and your team with the tools, the confidence and the shared language you need to:

  • have difficult conversations and manage productive conflict
  • identify issues before they become problems
  • take smart risks and generate creative solutions

Start by assessing your current state

To develop your team training program, we may conduct any of the following scientific assessments: 

  • Team Diagnostic- Benchmarks the team's overall positivity and productivity.

  • Team Culture Survey - An aggregated report of each person's' assessment of the team's leadership competencies. 

  • Leadership Culture Survey- A comprehensive 360° Assessment that includes a self-assessment and an aggregation of your leadership competencies from your peers, team members, boss, boss' boss and any other relevant stakeholders.

  • Team Management Profile - Evaluates each team member’s work function and work preferences using the Myers-Briggs philosophy.  

Dive into your custom coaching program

After identifying the key issues underlying your team’s performance, we build a customized training program unique to your needs. The training may include any of the following:

  • Classroom training
  • One-on-one coaching for team members and leader(s)
  • Reading materials and frameworks to support ongoing learning - including presentation summaries, scenario worksheets, conversation templates, wallet cards  and more, depending on your team’s needs
  • Experiential learning that may include improv, role play, team interaction and real-life case studies. In some coaching programs,  professional actor and improv coach Justin Collette helps teams apply their coaching insights. By tapping into your right brain (the part associated with emotion and imagination), experiential learning activities unleash your creativity and foster innovation. 
Justin Collette, Professional Actor & Improv Coach

Justin Collette, Professional Actor & Improv Coach


Apply your insights to create lasting change

Research in adult learning indicates 70% of people who receive only traditional classroom training fail to apply their learning outside the classroom. At Right Brain Teams, we combine conventional training techniques with creative (sometimes "outside the box") delivery techniques that improve the transfer of knowledge from our team to yours.

Effective coaching programs help you rewire the neural pathways in your brain. By thinking differently, you behave differently. And behaving differently is the key to achieving better results.

Three keys to success for your team's coaching program:

  1. Come to coaching with an open mind.
  2. Demonstrate a sincere desire to change your behaviour.
  3. Do the hard work - during your sessions and between your sessions. The greatest learning happens when you apply your coaching insights to real-life situations.

Want to build a high-functioning team?

Wendy helped create a “coaching culture” at our organization. Employees now get regular feedback and managers address performance issues before they become major problems for the company.
— Deborah Ward, Chief Human Resources Officer
Leadership Culture Survey ™

Leadership Culture Survey

Team Diagnostic ™

Team Diagnostic

Team Management Profile

Team Management Profile