Discover your ability to lead with clarity and confidence

The 21st century requires new kinds of leaders.

Leaders who combine structure with creativity, planning with flexibility. Leaders who see employees as equal contributors to a goal rather than resources to be managed.

If you're like many professionals, you sometimes find yourself:

  • Stressed and unable to focus
  • Stuck or unmotivated
  • Not getting the results you want
  • Dealing with unproductive conflict
  • Facing an exciting but challenging opportunity

Move from fear and frustration to courage and innovation 

At Right Brain Teams we help leaders:

  • Get unstuck
  • Reduce stress and build resilience
  • Discover your inner confidence and courage
  • Build positive relationships with the people closest to you
  • Get the results you want

Co-design a coaching program that supports your goals

    Together, we design a coaching program that supports your unique goals. Typical coaching programs include:

    • Self-Awareness: Start to see yourself as you truly are so you can start to make positive change.
    • Stating Your Intent: Be clear about where you're going.
    • Values Exercise: Determine what motivates you and what kind of leader you want to be. This exercise helps you become an authentic leader.  
    • Using Brain-Friendly Tools: Frameworks such as the 7 Levels of Effectiveness enable you to identify and label your levels consciousness. 
    • Mindfulness Training - Helps you focus, relax and minimize the inner thoughts that sabotage your success.

    Your coaching program may include a Leadership Circle Profile™. This comprehensive 360° Assessment includes a self-assessment as well as an aggregation of your leadership competencies as assessed by your peers, team members, boss, boss' boss and other relevant stakeholders.

    It’s an understatement to say the skills I learned helped me get the results I want at work. My new skills have helped me at home, at work and in every aspect of my life.
    — Dean Borojevic, Director, Shared Services Support Solutions
    7 Levels of Personal, Group & Organizational Effectiveness

    7 Levels of Personal, Group & Organizational Effectiveness




    Find the coaching format that works for you

    We offer coaching programs in flexible formats:

    • Confidential, one-to-one coaching sessions in a calm, informal setting. Choose from the following:
      • 3-Month Weekly Program. Spread your learning over three (or even six or nine) months with these 1-hour weekly sessions. Apply your new insights to real-life situations over the course of your coaching program.
      • 2-Day Intensive Program. Short on time? Facing a big initiative? Condense your coaching program into an intensive two-day program. 
    • Onsite and telephone coaching sessions. For those times when you simply can’t get out of the office or prefer to meet somewhere more convenient to you, we offer our executive coaching sessions over the phone and onsite.
    • One-off “Refresher” sessions. If you completed a coaching program previously and now find yourself facing a difficult decision or challenging conversation, book a one-off phone call or in-person session to set yourself up for success.

    Want to lead with clarity and confidence?