Join like-minded professionals in becoming more confident, clear and courageous.

Escape the office for a transformational experience in an idyllic setting.
Or let us bring an immersive leadership retreat to you.
Our retreat participants learn to reduce stress, manage conflict and tackle workplace challenges.

We guarantee you’ll return to work focused, confident and more productive than ever.


What to Expect

At our leadership retreats, you will learn about your three brains – your head, your heart and your gut – and how to tap into all three to achieve better results in your life. Learn to navigate conflict, reduce stress and have courageous conversations. Tap into your inner creativity and innovation, and discover the resilience within you.

A typical retreat Includes:

  • Guided instruction on the neuroscience of leadership

  • Breakout sessions to apply your learning

  • Meditation, yoga and mindfulness practice

  • Nature walks through trails, vineyards and a rock labyrinth

  • Free time in the evenings for self-reflection, connecting with peers or catching up on email (if you must!)

  • Retreat to your quaint, eclectic cabin and connect with your cabin-mate about the day

Enjoy a transformational experience in an idyllic setting. 

The leadership retreat was an amazing three days of reflection, self evaluation and innovative thinking. It also offered the opportunity to communicate and share experiences with other leaders from a range of industries. The retreat renewed my energy, enthusiasm and optimism - it truly was a transformational experience.
— Sharon Lehman, Business Owner & Entrepreneur

Leader Within Retreat

September 20-22, 2019

Oakwood Resort

(70671 Bluewater Highway, Grand Bend)

If you're a leader seeking transformational change in 2019, we invite you to the Leader Within Retreat for an experience you won't soon forget.




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