Executive and team coaching that improves business results

Our custom training programs help leaders and teams:

  • build leadership skills
  • increase productivity
  • reduce stress

We help you and your team become:

  • more creative
  • more courageous
  • more innovative

Wendy led training sessions and coaching for more than 54 high potential employees in China, the U.S. and France. We couldn’t have built and delivered this world-class development program without her!
— Melissa Cameron, Global Development Director, PwC
Wendy helped create a coaching culture at our organization. Now, employees get regular feedback and managers address performance issues before they become problems for the company.
— Deborah Ward, consultant and former Chief Human Resources Officer

Neuroscience of Leadership

Right Brain Teams includes some of the first professionals in Canada certified in coaching linked to neuroscience. We use rigorous scientific tools and assessments to gather insights, build your coaching plan and track your progress.

New Actions for Better Results

Coaching involves personal transformation. Our programs help you and your team members rewire the neural pathways that drive your actions at home and at work. New actions produce new - and better - results.

Coaching + HR Expertise

We bring years of executive expertise and HR experience to your coaching program. We understand the challenges individuals and organizations face.


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