HR Consulting

People solutions that support your business.

Right Brain Teams founder Wendy Thompson has more than 25 years of HR experience – eight of them on the executive team of a fast-growing tech firm. Wendy combines her HR experience with coaching principles to help companies address conflict, defuse tense employee situations, and equip companies for successful growth.

Harassment & Discrimination Investigations

Defuse and address harassment and discrimination complaints with a compassionate, timely response. Services include:

  • Client and complainant interviews
  • Advice to the senior leadership team regarding HR legislation and best practice
  • Report summarizing key findings
  • Customized training for leaders and teams.  

Performance Management Programs

Build effective systems to evaluate, track and report employee performance. Services include:

  • Defining individual, department and team goals
  • Selection of the best performance management system for your organization

Employee Transition Services

End an employee’s contract fairly and respectfully while protecting your company’s legal and financial interests. Services include:

  • Employee terminations – conducting the termination meeting with the client or in place of the client
  • Team communications and rebuilding after terminations

Recruitment & Retention Strategies

Attract and keep the best and brightest employees with customized programs. Services include:

  • Recruitment roadmaps
  • Onboarding programs
  • Retention plans – including total compensation recommendations, learning and development programs, and succession plans

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